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Lighting upgrade

August 15, 2019

Thinking upgrading your lighting… Here a couple of things to look for when you purchase you led bulbs 1.Price isn’t always everything. There is a reason why they are priced so low. Either because of the quality of the bulb or vendor is getting rid of old technology 2. Kelvins. When you see a higher higher kelvin rating it means the whiter the light you will get. The lower lumen the more yellow the light will be. If you are waiting more of a reading light you will want to go with lower kelvin light. Have something to show off or wanting to make a room bright go with a higher kelvin bulb 3. Life of bulb. If it says 20-25 years make sure you read the average per day. All bulbs lifespan is based on the amount of hours you have it on during the day and weather you have it on…

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Sask Power Efficiency Partner

April 3, 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have officially become partners with Saskpower and there fight to make Saskatchewan a more  energy efficient province Visit #efficient #gogreen #yqr for more information

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Service upgrade Promotion

March 15, 2019

Looking to upgrade that old 70a service? Or upgrade to bigger 200a? Call today for a free estimate. If you book a service upgrade with us before April 15th and receive a 100$ visa gift card.

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Electrical Service Upgrade Promotion

March 15, 2019

Needing to upgrade your electrical service from 70a to 100a? Or just wanting a bigger panel for future expansion? Call today for a free estimate, and if you book a job with us before April 15th 2019 you will Receive a 100$ Prepaid Visa Card. *Terms and conditions apply*

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