Our team of professionals

Journeymen Electrician

Christopher Kayter

Chris is the owner /operator of JLB Electric. Chris has been in the trade since 2007 and a Journeymen since 2011. He has worked on many different projects around Saskatchewan. His background is commercial kitchen repair, commercial service work, residential service work, and new home construction. He enjoys being involved as the president over at North Regina Little league, Coaching, and spending time with family and friends.

Jonathon McIvor


Jonathan is our lead journeyperson electrician at JLB Electric & head estimator. Jonathan has been in the trade since 2004 and a Journeyperson since 2009. Jonathan's background includes doing residential new home construction, residential service work.  In his spare time, he enjoys camping and spending time with family and friends. Jonathan is the father of 3 and happily married.


Kobey Dmytriw

Kobey is a 1st-year electrician. Before joining the trades Kobey worked numerous jobs after graduating in 2017. Kobey resides in Regina, SK. Kobey currently plays for the Regina Thunder as a starting defensive back. Kobeys' commitment to football directly reflects his hard work and dedication to his craft as an electrician  When Kobey is not playing football or working he spends his spare time with family and friends.

Charlie Riedy

Charlie is a 4year electrician. Charlie has been in the trades since 2012. Born in England, Charlie moved to Regina at a very young age. Charlie's background is very vast. Charlie has plenty of experience in service and new construction commercial and residential. Charlie enjoys hanging out, basketball and Soccer.

Josh Gudmundson

Josh is a 2nd-year electrician. Josh comes to us with a background in computer sales and service. Josh is a great programmer and has completely changed the way JLB does its administration. He has put together a work order system from scratch over the past year. Josh is always willing to volunteer his time with non-profit organizations. In his spare time, Josh likes to cook and play video games with his wife Kathleen.

Jame McIntrye

James is a 4th-year electrician. James brings great knowledge and experience to our team with over 6 years in the trades. James brings energy and a great attitude to work everything single day. When James is not on the tools he enjoys playing hockey and spending time with his daughter.